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Colorado Operations Resource Engine (CORE) is the state's primary financial management system that integrates finance, budget, procurement and accounting. If you have questions or problems with any of the trainings, contact core.training@state.co.us

Check out our online training below:

As a CORE user, you are automatically enrolled in all online training with the exception of the infoAdvantage Report Developer courses.   

Following are the descriptions of the training categories offered:

  • CORE General Training:  provides a general overview to CORE navigation, document functionality, chart of accounts, budget structure concepts, and approval workflow.
  • Commodity Codes:  refers to a classification of numbers for goods assigned in a coding system. Each code designates a specific good with a unique number. It's important to understand the use of these codes so the correct codes are used when performing procurement and accounts payable functions in CORE. 
  • Event Types:   are codes with instructions used in CORE documents to drive how CORE posts transactions. This course provides users with an overview of event types and their components.
  • infoAdvantage:  a reporting tool that we use to create reports from CORE, the State‚Äôs financial management system. There is an overview beginner course that introduces infoAdvantage and discusses how to access, schedule, run, and export standard reports. 
    infoAdvantage Report Developer training has a restricted component to the course.  All CORE users have access to the training content, but access to the restricted hands-on training component requires additional approval.  If you are interested in getting Report Developer Access to be able to write reports, a request will need to be submitted to core.help@state.co.us by your Department Controller and/or Deputy Controller authorizing the Report Developer Training for you. Once we have this approval, we will send you information on how to sign into the hands-on training component for the courses. Please have your Controller provide the following required information:  Name, CORE User ID, Email of the user taking the training.
  • MAE2:  details the use of the MAE2 award process within the CORE system.